Third Anniversary of Fr. Andrew Messina as Pastor of St. Timothy Church

 Hi Everyone,


This Thursday, February 25th, will mark my third anniversary as your pastor at St. Timothy's.  Those three years sure went by quickly!  


God has provided us with many graces so that we can continue to build and strengthen our parish family.  I am most grateful for all that you are doing.  St. Timothy's is a wonderful parish, and that is because of your cooperation with those graces.  Thank you!


As we continue to go forward, please give prayer and consideration to ways in which you can help our parish.  We are always in need of volunteers.  Admittedly, as the priest shortage becomes worse, the demands on my schedule increase.  So I need your help.  We want to be very much alive with the Holy Spirit in accomplishing all that God wants us to do.  As the old expression goes, many hands make for light work.   If you can help, please give us a call.


It remains an honor and a privilege to be your pastor.  I remain totally committed to do everything I can for the benefit of our parish.  May the good Lord continue to bless you, and through the intercession of our dear Blessed Mother and St. Timothy, may you always go forward in faith, hope, and love.


God bless you!


Father Andrew




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