Baptisms are held the Third Sunday of the month at 12 noon with a baptismal class to be held the Thursday before unless otherwise noted. Please call the rectory at 739-9552 to set up a date.

Baptisms at St. Rita's to be announced.  Call the rectory at 738-1800.


Congratulations and thank you for registering to have your child/children baptized!

The following material/paperwork is needed before the baptism of your child which will take place on _____________________________, 20_______ at 12 noon.


All material must be submitted to the church by _____________________, 20______ prior to the Baptism Class.

  • Registration of your family as parishioners of St. Timothy’s.  If you are a member of another parish, permission is needed in writing from the pastor of that parish to have your child/children baptized here.
  • A copy of the child/children’s birth certificate. If your child was adopted, we need a copy of the final adoption document.
  • Godparent requirements:
  • A Godparent who is Catholic should have made all their sacraments: Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation. Also, if married, married in the church. One Godparent must be Catholic.

- Catholic Godparents must obtain a Sponsor Certificate from the church at which they are registered and attend Mass.

- Please call your parish and ask for a “sponsor certificate”

  • You may have what is called a Christian Witness, which is a person that is baptized in another Christian religion.
  • You may only have one Godmother and one Godfather. Some people ask if they can have two women or two men as Godparents. Sorry, but this cannot be done.
  • A $25.00 donation is requested.  If this is a problem, please let us know.
  • Any questions or concerns, please call the rectory office at 401-739-9552 or email us at [email protected].


Below is a check list for the paperwork that is needed for the baptism of your child/children.

□ Parish Registration Form is complete.                                             □ Already registered with parish.

□ Sponsor Certificate - Godmother                                                     □ Sponsor Certificate – Godfather

□ Copy of child/children’s birth certificate.                                        □ $25 donation

□Adoption Document (If applicable.)