Altar Servers

A note to parents guardians of students!


Dear parents/guardians of Third grade students or higher grade:                                                                            

We would like to invite your children to become Altar Servers in the Parish. I hope you encourage and allow them to join in this service. It will take their time and your commitment. However, it will be a beautiful way for your children to express their active participation in the life of the Church and learn how to become responsible in their level. I hope you consider our invitation and share it with your children. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me and/or Deacon Ken (St. Timothy's) or Steven Diehl (St. Rita's) know. Also your child may “shadow” one of the current more Senior level Servers in order to gain a better sense of this Ministry.


Fr. Andrew  




1.) You don’t have to sit with your parents at Mass.

2.) You can actually see what’s going on during the Mass.

3.) You get to wear cool white robes and colored ropes

 4.) You get to learn the fancy church lingo for the things you wear, like “alb” and "cincture."

5.) You are near the front of the communion line!

6.) You can make a really difference by helping out the priest and other ministers.

7.) You get to mingle and banter with the priest and other ministers before and after Mass.

8.) Sometimes you actually have to remind the priest what to do!

9.) Little kids in the parish are in awe of you.

10.) All ladies in the parish love you.

11.) It can lead to a deeper relationship with Christ.

12.) They trust you to be in charge of the incense and play with fire.

13.) They trust you to light and extinguish the candles and play with the fancy stick that does this.

14.) They trust you to know when to ring the bells.

15.) They trust you to handle the sacred vessels.

16.) Holding up the “book” (Roman Missal) builds upper-body strength.

17.) It counts for community service hours.

18.) Sometimes goofy things like microphones malfunction - you get to fix them or run to get a new battery.

19.) You might be close enough to hear all the whispered prayers of the priest that they never told you about in 1st Communion class.

20.) It gives you something to do during Mass and something to look forward to the next time you are scheduled.


Adult Altar Servers


Adult Altar Servers are always needed for daily and funeral Masses and welcomed.  Please speak with Fr. Andrew or Deacon Ken.