Happy Pentecost!  We celebrate the birthday of the Church with the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles on that first Pentecost!  In many ways, as we re-open our churches this weekend it is a kind of ‘re-birth’----a special birthday for us!  

We are excited that we are able to re-open.  Yes, there are many new guidelines and protocols.  Yes, we know that things aren’t returning to ‘normal’.  Yes, we all have to be patient and follow the new procedures!  But at the same time----we’re excited to return to church. 

We know that some of you may not be able to return to church just yet.  You may have an underlying health condition that would cause you to be very cautious.  We understand that.  The bishop has continued to ‘dispense’ Catholics from Sunday Mass and Holy Day Masses.  We want you to be safe and we want you to be comfortable returning to church.  Continue to join us for the ‘live stream’ Sunday Mass at 9:00 a.m. from St. Timothy.  The Mass will then be posted to our website.  Continue to make a spiritual communion. 

For those who will return to church we want you to know that we will follow the new guidelines of the diocese which were made in conjunction with the Department of Health.  Please wear a mask to church.  Just before you receive Holy Communion (in your hand) please take off your mask so that you may put the host in your mouth and then put your mask back on.  Please use hand sanitizer as you enter the church.  (It would be helpful if you would bring your own small bottle of hand sanitizer!)  You will notice as you come into the church through the Main Entrance that there are pews ‘roped off’ so that you can keep the appropriate ‘social distance’.  Within the pew families can sit together.   In the same pew, please keep your distance from another parishioner who may be seated in that same pew.  Common sense comes in handy here!  As you enter church, please place your offertory gift into the ‘wooden box’----we are re-purposing the old ‘seat money’ collection box!  All donations can be placed in this wooden box.  Thank you!  

The priest (and deacon) will enter the sanctuary from the sacristy---a simple procession---at the beginning of Mass.  Music and singing will be reduced.  There will be no ‘offertory procession’---no ‘bringing up the gifts’. 

For communion, you will be given specific instructions.  We will call you up section by section. The aisles have been marked with tape so you can see where the ‘six feet’ of distance is located.

We strongly suggest that you receive communion in the hand. At the end of Mass, the priest (and deacon) will return directly to the sacristy----we will not go to the front entrance to greet parishioners personally.  You will be dismissed by section……. please keep the appropriate distance as you leave.  Also, please do not congregate outside in the parking lot.  It might be tempting----to renew friendships and acquaintances----please do so from a distance---maybe a wave of the hand---or a phone call when you get home!  

Many new procedures!  But---Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever! 

Looking forward to seeing you (in person)!

Rev. David F. Gaffney  




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