Saint Timothy and St. Rita Parishes Yoking as of July 1st

Hi everyone!

   As you've heard me say the last few weeks, I'm being given a second parish assignment - to lead St. Rita's in addition to St. Timothy's. That's also in addition to being the dean for the twenty parishes in Warwick, West Warwick, and Coventry and my other responsibilities for the Diocese.

   I'm looking forward to it. We have a wonderful parish family here at St. Timothy's, and there is also a wonderful family at St. Rita's. We've enjoyed the occasions we've spent together. As time goes on, we'll be collaborating in many more ways.

   So yes, this will be challenging, especially in the beginning as we adjust, and I appreciate all your patience and understanding.   As I mentioned last weekend, it is critically important that we listen to each other and that we pray for each other. May we all follow the examples set forth by our Lord and our Lady as we move forward in this new chapter for St. Timothy's and St. Rita's.

God bless!



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