Progress continues with our new roof.

Progress continues with our new roof.  The workers cleaned out all the straw and grass and everything else that the birds have left behind in front of the windows.  The effort continues on the metal structure - as some would call it, the "tower".   The reddish "paint" that you see is the primer coat.  That will be followed by the finish coat, which is supposed to look grayish in color before it cures to green.  The workers will also install additional screening to prevent the birds from nesting up at the top.   After the work on the metal structure is done, the scaffolding will come down, and the focus will then be to remove the old asphalt shingles, find and repair the problems underneath, and then install the new shingles. 


While we are making good progress, it does not go as quickly as we might think.  The roof reaches over 100 degrees this time of year, so the workers are typically not here in the afternoon, although they have come back later in the day and worked until 7 or 8pm.   Other delays are the result of rain and funerals.   But all in all, we're definitely going in the right direction.


After the roof project, we will then tackle the other projects we've been discussing:  the roof for the office, the rectory, and the Msgr. Carlin Center; the phone system; the parking lot; and the heating system.  Since we didn't reach our pledge goal, we won't be able to take them as far as we had wanted.  However, we still need to address those areas in one way or another, so we'll see what we can do after we're done with the roof.


Again, my sincerest thanks to all of you who have contributed to our Capital Improvement Project.  If you weren't able to make a pledge, please remember that contributions can be made at anytime by using the special envelopes in your budget packet or by contacting the rectory.


Peace and blessings,

Father Andrew



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