Priest Reitrement Collection September 19 and 20.


 September 1, 2020


 Dear Monsignor/Father,


 In just a few short weeks, the 2020 Senior Priest Retirement Collection will be upon us and I am asking that you please consider promoting this most important effort. As you are well aware, 2020 has brought significant challenges and changes for the world in which we live. Many aspects of our daily lives have been altered and the way we minister to the faithful is no exception. Several of the collections that support the vital work of the Church in the Diocese of Providence have been pushed to the fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Understanding the number of collections a parish is asked to undertake this fall and acknowledging that churches are only open at 2/3 capacity, we will be relying on pastors to promote the collection through homilies, pulpit announcements, parish websites and/or bulletin announcements. It is not possible to schedule a senior priest to speak during Masses this year. 


 Our annual collections in support of the Senior Priest Retirement Fund provides not only for those who have retired from active ministry, but also benefits those who will rely upon the fund in the near future. The goal of this year’s collection, that will be held on the weekend of September 19 and 20, is $350,000.


             Please encourage your parishioners to support this collection in whichever manner you are conducting your offertory collections. The enclosed materials were prepared to help share with parishioners the importance of their support. Included please find sample intercessions and bulletin announcements as well as suggestions for homily talking points. 


             Your efforts in support of the Senior Priest Retirement Fund Collection are most appreciated and necessary if the Diocese is to continue to provide for our brother priests in their retirement years. 


             Please accept my personal gratitude for your assistance with this effort. I would also like to thank our retired brother priests who continue to give so much of themselves in support of this and other endeavors to spread the Gospel message.




 (Rev. Msgr.) Raymond B. Bastia  

 Vicar for Planning and Financial Services



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