Please pray for Davis McLarnon, a member of our parish family

Please pray for Davis McLarnon, a member of our parish family.

This three-year-old boy just had a brain tumor removed and is now dealing with all the treatments that follow thereafter. We hope and pray for Davis' well-being.

St. Timothy's will be hosting a fundraiser for Davis in the not-too-distant future. Details to follow.



  • Steve LonardoPosted on 10/22/17

    Fr. And Staff; It was hard, as it always is for me, when I read about the suffering of a child. Myself, as you know, have been suffering with my disease for almost ten years now. I can say with all sincerity, it is ALWAYS worsenwhen it's a child. I do NOT HAVE the luxery of making it to mass most weeks and have had numerous surgeries, hundreds of hospital admissions and countless emergency services at our home. My children have had to grow up with a suffering father, and still, this does not compare to a sick child, in my opinion. I am so happy to see the parish come together to help this child. It really is God's work!!
    I miss being able to get to mass, I miss normal parish life. God bless what I see going on through the windows!!!!