Monster Tough 4 Davis

Monster Tough 4 Davis

Monster Tough 4 Davis

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February 22, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Knights of Columbus Hall; 475 Sandy Lane; Warwick , RI


Davis Michael McLarnon at three years old was diagnosed with a malignant brain   tumor. Davis Michael was admitted to Hasbro Hospital in Providence, RI on Monday, June 26, 2017 with persistent headaches. After a thorough diagnostic workup, imaging confirmed a tumor in the posterior area of his brain. Neurosurgery promptly scheduled surgery to remove the tumor the following day, and after over 10 hours of waiting their family was informed the tumor had been successfully removed in its entirety.

Unfortunately, bad news followed. Pathological results of the tumor showed it was malignant. Following these results, Davis had a spinal tap to assess for microscopic spread of the tumor in the spinal fluid. This test brought more bad news. The tumor is metastatic and cells were found in Davis' spinal fluid column.


It isn't all bad news though. Davis is a strong and resilient child and we know he can and WILL BEAT THIS.


The next steps in treatment include intense Chemotherapy along with multiple     hospital visits and trips to various hospitals in New England. We are so thankful for everyone's kind words during this difficult time. All we ask is that you keep our tough little boy Davis Michael and the McLarnon family in your thoughts and prayers as they face what comes next. This is a small way that we can show our love and     support for Davis and the McLarnon Family. Thank you!


Latest update: 12/12/17 for Davis

Admission date for chemo/stem cell transplant is Tuesday, December 20th. He’s expected to be a resident of the 6th floor of Boston Children’s for 4-6 weeks .



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