Live Streaming of Sunday Morning Mass March 29 at 9 a.m.

Please join us as Fr. Gaffney celebrates Mass on live stream on Facebook (St. Timothy Church RI) at 9 a.m. immediately following the ringing of all Catholic Church Bells.


  • Laurie MocklerPosted on 3/29/20

    Where do we connect to the live stream?

  • Normand A LevasseurPosted on 3/28/20

    Thanking God that you are in good health, Father Gaffney.
    It will be good to be able to join our St. Tim Family and pray together on Sunday.
    Thank You for your weekly messages and your daily masses . Your constant communication with with us via this web site should help nurture or members in this very difficult time. Thanks for all efforts to be a Pastor to all. We are not in RI, at the moment, but this helps us stay united with all of you. May God Bless and Protect all of us and may we soon be able to meet together in Church.