From the Pastor's desk:

Hi everyone,


As announced last weekend, we have lots of good things happening here at St. Timothy's.


First, I am thrilled to announce that Deacon Ken Andrade will be joining us beginning October 1st. Deacon Ken is a marvelous person and is especially good with youth ministry.  We very much look forward to his arrival in a few months.


Second, the memorial boards from St. William's have been re-located here.  These beautiful granite tablets are mounted to the walls in the corridor that is behind the organ (if you've never tried this hallway before, it leads out to the parking lot).  Our long-term plan is to have a St. Timothy's and St. William's memorial corridor, filled with photos and hopefully some memorabilia.   A dedication for the boards will be held shortly.  Stay tuned for the announcement.


Third, the end of the fiscal year was on June 30th, and I am very happy to report that St. Timothy's was once again in the black!  That marks four straight years in which we did not spend more than we took in!  That's a testimony to your generosity and the efforts of the staff and the volunteers to watch how our money is spent.


Fourth, the pastoral planning project in Warwick continues, of which St. Timothy's is an active participant.   The parishes had a joint meeting on Tuesday, June 27th to see which parishes are thinking about coming together and how that would happen.   It was a very good and productive meeting.  At this point, please realize that all of this is still in the discussion phase.  There is a formal process that involves a review by a committee at the Diocese and ultimately Bishop Tobin's approval.  The next joint meeting will be after the summer, although during that time, some of the parishes will be working together on their plans.


Lastly, we are working on another project that, God willing, will also result in some more good news, but I can't say anything yet (although the rumors are circulating).  So stay tuned here as well, and I'll let you know as soon as I can.


Many thanks for being a part of our parish family.  We couldn't do it without you!


                                God bless,                  

                                               Father Andrew


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