Faith Formation Classes

Faith Formation classes for grades 6-10 begin Sunday, September 24.  Grades K-5 will continue Sunday, Sept. 24.


  • April MelloPosted on 10/05/17

    Is it to late to sign my 6 grader and 3rd grader up for ccd

  • Julie CyrPosted on 9/29/17

    Hi, there.

    We signed my daughter up for ccd a couple of weeks ago, and she attended the first 10th grade class last Sunday evening. Her name is Jamiesen Cyr. Is it too late to also sign my son up for the 8th grade class? If ok, we can stop by ahead of time to pick-up/complete the paperwork and also provide his birth certificate, First Penance certification, and First Communion certificate. His name is Jaden Cyr.

    Thank you in advance.

    Julie Cyr