Baltimore Catechism Quiz

Baltimore Catechism Quiz


Last week’s answers: The shepherds of Bethlehem, to whom His birth was announced by Angels; and the Magi or three wise men, who were guided to His crib by a miraculous star, were among the first to adore the Infant Jesus. We recall the adoration of the Magi on the feast of the Epiphany, which means appearance or manifestation, namely, of Our Saviour.



Herod sought to kill the Infant Jesus because he thought the influence of Christ the newborn King would deprive him of his throne. The Holy Infant was rescued from the power of Herod by the flight into Egypt, when St. Joseph warned by an Angel fled hastily into that country with Jesus and Mary.


Here is this week’s question:


“The Incarnation and Redemption:”


How may the years of Christ's life be divided?





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